Got Coprophagia?

Does your dog have the disgusting habit of eating its own waste or other dogs waste? This disgusting habit is so common, it even has a name: Coprophagia. There are several reasons dogs decide to partake in this unpleasant behavior. While it can be challenging to stop your dog from eating poop, with the right ingredients, it might be an easy fix. (more…)

Introducing Pets To The New Baby

Congratulations, you’re expecting a baby! If your family already includes a pet, you’ll need to help that first “baby” adjust to the new one you’ll soon bring home. You can help your pet cope with this big change in much the same way parents help children understand that a new brother or sister will be joining the family. By following the tips below, you can ease your pet’s stress, help her welcome your new baby, and ensure that your pet stays where she belongs—with you and your growing family. (more…)

Puppy Manners

This article is written to help you and your puppy begin training in the early months. It contains helpful hints for training puppies and establishing a trusting relationship. We start by sharing information about what to expect in the first few months. Older puppies will have more specific training needs. (more…)

Understanding Separation Anxiety

One of the main reasons people acquire a dog is for companionship. Like us, dogs are able to form strong bonds with people. One could even argue that dogs are even more social than we are. Due to their instincts they a even more motivated than humans to stay with their social group. Separation from their group is usually followed by behaviors that will help them reunite such as vocalizations, increasing activity, urination and defecation, etc. Of course these natural and normal behaviors cause problems in our homes. Dog’s are not programmed to be alone with our busy day-to-day schedules, so if they must be alone for a few hours, here’s a few tips to keep them from chewing, pooping, and ruining. (more…)