Ringing in 2022 you might be considering adopting a new pet. One of the first decisions for pet owners is what to name your pet!

Classic names (Fido, Rover, Scout, you get the drift) are always great choices, but pet names are also a personal choice. From your favorite celebrities to family names there are a lot of great options to chose from. Whether you are a trendsetter creating the next unique pet name, or just looking for a good memorable fit, the most popular pet names from 2021 may be an inspiration to guide you in your name decision.

pug sitting on a floor

Most popular male pet names in 2021

1) Max

2) Charlie

3) Cooper

4) Buddy

5) Milo

Most popular female pet names in 2021

1) Bella

2) Luna

3) Lucy

4) Daisy

5) Zoe

Naming your pets is a great family activity

Whether naming your pet after a physical characteristic, after your favorite athlete or celebrity, or a whimsical name (have you ever met a dog named Fish?), naming your pet is a great way for all in the family to decide the best fit and to bond with your new family member. Whether classic, trendsetter, or choosing from the most popular or common names there are no wrong answers! Enjoy naming your pet and welcome them to your family.