Now that we’ve adjusted to seeing 2022 on our calendars it may be time to welcome a new family member to the home, perhaps a cat! One of the first decisions for pet owners is what to name your pet.

Classic names (Leo, Tiger, Milo, you’ve heard them before) are always great choices, but some owners like to get creative, or name pets after family members, other animals, or celebrities!

pug sitting on a floor

Most popular male cat names in 2022

1) Oliver

2) Leo

3) Milo

4) Charlie

5) Max

Most popular female cat names in 2022

1) Luna

2) Bella

3) Lily

4) Lucy

5) Nala

Naming your pets can bring the family together

Whimsical, meaningful, creative. The name you chose for your pet can reflect their personality, their physical characteristics or carry family history. If you have young children at home the memory choosing a name will be with them as a fond memory. As an adult you get to choose the name you’ll mention to all of your friends and family in every conversation (pet owners know!). There are no wrong name choices, so have fun!