Pets, while lovable and home-warming, come with their fair share of messes and smells. Here are some quick tips to clean up after your pets!

  1. Muddy paw prints on the carpet? Let them dry… vacuum them later. They’ll come up faster when dry than when wet.
  2. Use clean, slightly dampened rubber gloves to get hair off of upholstered furniture. Use dry gloves to remove from silk.
  3. Stink from your pups side of the couch? Put dryer sheets into an envelope and put them under the cushion. It’s a quick fix, but a nice temporary relief.
  4. Dog food bag smell? Use a garbage can w/a lid and a hefty plastic bag. Many new pet foods and old brands are placing sealable zippers on their bags.
  5. Stains? Use Nature’s Miracle for the stink and stain. It works most of the time. For the long-time stains, we use SpotShot.
  6. Baking soda to the rescue! If you can’t wash the bed, sprinkle w/baking soda and vacuum up a few minutes later. Ahhh, freshness.
  7. There’s little to no way to get rid of dog stink, especially in the humid summer. Try using some doggie colognes or mists to mask the stink. However, the best way is a good clean bath. Try using some oatmeal shampoo or all natural products that contain tea tree oil for a good scented pup!
  8. A well groomed pet typically a less stinky pet. Create a regular grooming routine. Some of our clients have little waste garbage cans set up next to their couch, so at night when they’re home, they can brush the dogs while watching tv. The dogs feel a part of the family and get well groomed at the same time!