Dog owners are often apprehensive when it comes to hiring a dog walker. From bringing a stranger into the fold to lacking supervision over your pet in public spaces, hiring a service doesn’t come second nature to most.

woman walking 4 dogs in a park

That said, many pet owners find dog walkers to be extremely helpful, and the benefits for your animal can be great too!

Here are some reasons why hiring a dog walker might be in your best interest:

Your pet will be healthier

Dogs need to get outside, this much we know. However, work and social schedules don’t always allow for pets to get outside as much as they need. Hiring a dog walker can solve this problem, allowing your furry friend to get outside when your schedule simply doesn’t allow a walk.

Their mental state will improve

Exercise and physical health of a dog are directly linked to their mental well-being. A healthy dog is a happy dog. If returning home from work to a contented animal is in your interest, hiring a dog walker to provide some proper exercise may be a good choice for you and your pet!

The money can be manageable

Dog walkers cost money, which is an immediate deal breaker for many pet owners. However, in some cases, there may be hidden savings in hiring a service. Does your tight work/dog care schedule encourage ordering take out as opposed to cooking? Maybe an under-exercised animal is getting mouthy with furniture or socks or pooping on the carpet. Make a quick audit of your daily life and see where hiring a professional walker may pay for itself!

Socialize your dog

For dogs to be good in public settings, they need to be socialized. Hectic daily schedules can get in the way of properly socializing dogs with other people and animals, which can cause problems down the line when dogs form bad habits. Hiring a dog walker to engage your animal with other people and pets can mitigate bad behavior early on!

Know your pet is in good hands

Leaving your dog at home alone can be a stress in itself. Hiring a professional walker to spend time with your pet can provide peace to pet owners, knowing that their dog is in good and loving hands, even when they are out of the picture.

So, with these suggestions, consider how hiring a dog walker could benefit your pet and personal schedule!