All About Himalayan Cats

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himalayan cat

These cats are a full package. They have the personality of a kitten, the sleep schedule of a hibernating bear, and absolute elegance all in one. Because of their large size and calm disposition, they are considered the “gentle giants” of the cat world. They love attention, sleep, and fun. They also tolerate other pets as well as children.

How Hymalayan Cat’s Came to Be.

Unlike many cat breeds, Hymalayan’s did not evolve naturally. Their history dates back to the 1930s when Marguerita Gorforth, Virginia Cobb, and Dr. Clyde Keeler selectively bred Persian and Siamese cats. In 1935 British breeders continued the breeding program in order to produce them in England. It was finally recognized as an official cat breed by the CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) in 1957. In addition it was considered the most popular cat breed in 1996 by the CFA.

Caring for an Abyssinian Cat

As the Himalayan does love to laze about, they don’t get too much exercise. This means that extra attention needs to go towards monitoring their nutrition. Be sure to avoid feeding this breed too many treats, and stick to a regular feeding time to avoid overfeeding. If you are ever away from home, or even get too busy, consider hiring a cat sitter so that your pet can stay on schedule.

You also need to pay attention to their beautiful fur, as it does tend to get knotted if not brushed regularly. Cats enjoy being groomed after eating, so making this part of the routine along with regular feeding is a good idea. While grooming your himalayan cat, make sure to check their skin in case they develop a ringworm infection. This is somewhat common and easily treatable with Himalayans. If you notice them having red spots on their skin then go to the vet right away. The earlier you treat a ringworm infection, the easier it will be on your pet.