Last month we continued our in depth look at the seven basic commands you should to teach to your dog with the off command

This month we’ll conclude our seven basic commands series by teaching your dog the “no” command

three labrador retreivers

No is the seventh command you should teach your dog. The come command can be difficult and requires consistent training and enforcement. Teaching your new dog the no command is to help reinforce boundaries, but also to protect their own health and well being. Think of all of the gross things your pup can pick up day to day – no will help keep them safe, and your shoes out of their mouth!

Unlike the other commands that use a lure or treat to reward behavior, teaching no requires we use the treat as “bait” to get your dog to misbehave. Don’t worry, you’re not tricking your pup, they’ll get rewarded once they learn the command!

To teach your dog the no command:

  1. Make sure your dog is hungry. Because we are using treats to teach the command your needs to want to eat them.
  2. Hold the treat flat in your hand about six inches to a foot from your dog’s nose where they can see and smell it.
  3. Wait for your dog to try to grab the treat. Once your dog tries to go after the treat close your hand around the treat and say “no!” in a firm, commanding voice. Don’t yell, you don’t want to scare your dog! If they don’t retreat and stop trying to get the treat after you say “no” pull the treat back and repeat step 3.
  4. You’ll now teach your dog a bonus command! Once your dog has grasped “no” means they can’t have the treat in your hand, slowly open your hand and say “okay”. If your dog is too aggressive in trying to grab the treat after “okay” reset and repeat from step 3.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until your pup knows “no” means no and “okay” means yes. You can then use the no command in real world situations and your dog will understand.

By training the seven basic commands every dog should know you will have an obedient companion that will love you even more! Training your dog helps make your life more stress free, and keeps your dog healthy!