There’s no debating that all dogs need time outside. Apart from regular bathroom breaks, dogs
benefit physically and mentally from the stimulation of leaving the house. Frequent walks can
trim unwanted fat and improve heart health. Exercise allows for socialization that can improve a
dog’s demeanor. Walking can also benefit a pet’s mental health, reducing anxiety along with
unwanted behaviors, like chewing and barking.

2 boys walking a golden retriever

But exactly how often should you walk your dog? There’s no golden rule to follow, as many
circumstances influence your dog’s exercise needs. Here are some factors to consider when
designing your pet’s perfect program:


Dog breeds tend to have consistencies in required walk-time. Some, like Bassett Hounds and
Great Danes, require very little exercise. Others, like Huskies, are very athletic. Do some
research on your breed to find out exactly what kind of walking they like.


Medium to large dogs tend to have a need for more extended physical stimulation than, say, a
small Chihuahua. Again, research your dog’s breed to get the scoop on their exact needs.

Energy Level

Some dogs have lower or higher energy than expected for their breed. If energy is alarmingly
low or high, consult with a vet to make sure your pet is healthy. Otherwise, adjusting exercise
frequency and length to your pet’s specific energy level will keep them appropriately stimulated
and physically fit!

Weather Resistance

Some animal’s are made for walking in bad weather, like Akita’s and Bernese Mountain Dogs.
Some aren’t cut out for the cold and rain, like Greyhounds and Yorkies. Make sure to adjust
outside-time to the weather conditions, and to clothe your pet appropriately when they
absolutely must leave the house.

Vet Recommendation

If your furry friend suffers from a medical condition that discourages lengthy or frequent outside time, ignore the common knowledge about your pet’s breed and size, and heed the
recommendations of your vet!

The appropriate amount of exercise is key to a healthy and happy life for your animal. Take
some time to zero in on your dogs needs, and enjoy the best version of your pet!